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Backyard Feeds


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Antler King Deer & Elk Pellets
A complete grain ration for development of fawns and for antler growth in bucks.
Black Oil Sunflower
The favorite for all seed-eating birds.
Price: $16.50
Cockatiel Mix
Feed as the main diet for cockatiels. Or may be supplemented as a treat.
Cracked Corn-Medium
Our cracked corn is a medium size grade with the fines removed.
Ear Corn
36# bag (contains about 72 ears). Great squirrel food.
Price: $10.50 per 36# bag.
Elite Wild Bird Mix
This is our superior Elite bird mix.
Guineau Pig Pellets
Complete diet for guinea pigs.
Kent Equine Base 38
High protein, pelleted supplement for horses of all ages and activity levels.
Kent Rabbit Ration (Top Show Family)
Complete pelletized feed for lactating does, growing rabbits, and for larger breed rabbits
Mealworms (For Birds)
100 gram tub. (3.5 oz tub) Approximately 2500 mealworms.
Nyjer Seed
Imported nyjer seed is rich in nourishing oil and draws large numbers of songbirds.
Outdoor Finch Mix
An exclusive blend for goldfinches, purple finches and house finches.
Parrot Mix
Complete feed consisting of 12 ingredients for all parrots.
Peanut Halves
Peanut halves are an excellent source of protein and oils.
Peanuts in the Shell
Raw, unsalted, unroasted peanuts in the shell are a favorite of many birds especially bluejays.
This seed is not favored by all birds but the ones that do like it think it is great.
Shelled Corn
Iowa grown corn great for wildlife, livestock, corn burners, etc
Striped Sunflower Seed
Large sunflower seed for bird feeding purposes.
Suet Cakes Hi-Energy
Attracts a variety of birds and is a great source of energy.
Suet Cakes Orange Delight
Attracts a variety of birds and is a great source of energy
Suet Cakes Peanut Butter
Attracts a variety of birds and is a great source of energy
Sunflower Hearts (Medium and Fine)
Sunflower seed with the thick black shell removed. No Mess.
White Proso Millet
A major ingredient in many wild bird seed mixes, but it is a great seed to offer birds by itself.
Wild Bird Seed
This mix has been our most popular seller for decades.