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Bird Feeders


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Absolute II-Doubleside (7536)
Absolutely squirrel proof.
Big Tube Feeder with tray - Aspects 081
Rugged feeder made of clear polycarbonate tubing.
Distlefink Feeder (DF-72)
For goldfinches and similar birds-for nyjer seed.
Droll Yankee Peanut Feeder (CJM13GP)
Rugged feeder stainless steel wire for shelled peanuts.
Droll Yankee Thistle Feeder (TH-3)
Our most rugged finch feeder.Can add tray as an option.
Droll Yankee Tubular-(A-6F)
16" Mixed seed or sunflower feeder with lifetime warranty
Hummingbird Feeder- 8 oz. (203-CP)
Hardened glass bottle. Four feeding flowers with built-in bee guards.
Hummingbird Feeder- Humdinger (209)
Hardened glass bottle. No-drip design. Six feeding flowers
Hummingbird Instant Nectar (230)
Instant nectar concentrate. Makes 48 ounces of nectar.
Mandarin Sky Cafe (AR-360)
Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder features a generous 17" squirrel proofing dome.
Meadow Rose (#3524)
Heavy duty steel with a high quality powder-coated finish.
Meadow Vine (#3511)
Weathered bronze heavy duty steel powder-coated finish.
Oriole Feeder (251)
Perky-pet top on the line feeder
Oriole Nectar (283)
Instant nectar concentrate. Makes 48 ounces of nectar.
Small Wire Suet Basket (1455B)
Hanging or tree mount feeder.
Squirrel Chair
Ear Corn feeder.
Thistlesack (950)
Our Ready to Use Nyjer (Thistle) Seed Sack makes bird feeding as easy as opening the package and hanging it!
Three Arm Hook (BFT36)
36 inch in height. 1&1/2 thick wall tubing.