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0-0-60 (Potash)
Potash, a key fertilizer that enhances water retention of plants, increases crop yields and plants' disease resistance.
18-46-0 (Dap)
Phosphorus plays a role in the all-important functions of cell division and cell enlargement.
19-19-19 fertilizer.
Blend that results in equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potash.
28-10-10-w/ 9% Sulphur
Fertilizer for crops requiring a higher nitrogen content.
46-0-0 (Urea)
A nitrogen fertilizer for plants.
9-23-30 fertilizer.
Blend of 18-46-0 (DAP) and 0-0-60 (Potash)
Boron is an essential element for all plants.
Sulfur - the fourth major nutrient-is also needed in large amounts by crops
Supercal So4
Calcium Sulfate for plant improvement health and soil conditioning.