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Cattle Feeds


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2 & 1 Mineral Plus
Mineral/Vitamin supplement for cattle on pasture or in feedlot.
365 Mineral ADE
.For beef cattle on pasture or in the feedlot: growing beef calves; dairy cattle; replacement dairy heifers; growing and mature horses.
365 Mineral MG
Magnesium mineral that helps prevent grass tetany in ruminant animals.
Active Heifer Mineral
For replacement dairy heifers fed in confinement or on pasture.
Bio Plus mineral
For feedlot cattle, pasture cattle, calves, dairy cattle & horses.
Cattle 36% All Natural
A beef cattle all natural protein supplement for mixing steer and heifer rations.
Co-Product Balancer Pellets
Pelleted, highly fortified vitamin and mineral balancer for finishing cattle diets containing co-products of the corn milling industry.
Energilass Tubs
A cooked block, containing no more than 3% moisture. Contains no hardeners or fillers and is highly fortified to meet livestock needs.
Exact Beef 125 Rumensin Meal
Exact beef is a non-salt, self-limiting feed designed and researched to be fed to all classes of pasture cattle.
Feedlot Mineral
For beef cattle fed high energy rations in confinement.
High Protein Calf Creep 60 Bovatec
High Protein Calf Creep is a complete pelleted creep feed designed for used in a creep feeder.
Milk Formula 1 NT or DQ
Fortified all milk product containing high quality milk protein.
Milk Pro 38
38% protein supplement for dairy cows.
Mineral Block
40# block. A mineral for cattle and horses.
Mixing mineral 1200R
For pasture cattle, stocker, feeder cattle, replacement heifers.
Precision Dairy Beef Grower 150 Rumensin
An all-natural supplement designed to be mixed with corn and fed as the sole ration to weaned dairy-beef calves from 200 to 350 lbs.
Pro Vider 38 Pels
Supplment for lactating dairy cows.
Sweet Flakes
Complete calf starter mix encourages early consumption.
Total Stage 20 Starter
Complete pelleted starter feed for calves.