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AFC- Energilass 12% AN or 25%
A free-choice all natural, high energy, molassses based supplement with Altosid Fly Control(AFC) for beef and dairy cattle consuming medium to high quality pasture.
Nutrient dense feed fortifier promotes a healthy rumen environment and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria.
Clarify Larvicide .67%
Prevents the development of house flies, stable flies in the manure of treated cattle.
Dairy Fortifier Plus Yeast
Nutritional supplement to stimulate and improve the rumen bacterial flora for more efficient nutrient digestion.
Dairy SeE
Will fortify a total ration with added Selenium and Vitamin E.
Decocci Krums
Works in the entire herd or flock to reduce overall coccidiosis infection.
Nutritional Energy Supplement and electrolytes for calves, pigs, foals, lambs, and kids.
Rumen Buff
Rumen Buff is designed to be used in the diets of ruminant animals to aid in reducing acidity problems in the rumen
Silage Supreme 3X Dry
50# bag. A stabilized microobial aid to fermentation of silage.
Silage Supreme 3X Prop Dry
50# bag. Dry silage inoculant with proprionic acid.
Silage Supreme 3X-200
Water soluble forage inoculant -treats 200 ton.
Silage Supreme 3X-50
Water soluble forage inoculant -treats 50 ton
Silage Supreme 3X-Prop 200
Water soluble forage inoculant with proprionic acid-treats 200 ton.
Silage Supreme 3X-Prop 50
Water soluble forage inoculant wtih proprionic acid-treats 50 ton