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0-0-62 (Potash)
0-0-62 is a source of potassium for plants. Also used as a de-icer.
13-13-13 + 7% S
Every great product has to start somewhere, and 13-13-13 + 7% sulfur is our basic balanced fertilizer.
18-46-0 (DAP)
Diammonium Phosphate. High phosphorous fertilizer.
19-19-19 fertilizer.
Lawn & garden fertilizer for plants with equal nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium requirements.
28-10-10-W Sulfur
Lawn & garden fertilizer for plants with high nitrogen requirements.
46-0-0 (Urea)
Water soluble quick release nitrogen.
Lawn & garden fertilizer for plants with high P & K requirements.
Blood Meal
Used to repel animals like deer and rabbits, but only effective if it remains dry.
Bone Meal
A valuable organic resource for gardeners not only a shrub fertilizer but for root crops, beans etc.
Cow Manure
Organic manure/compost for lawns, gardens, ornamentals.
Crabgrass Preventer with fertilizer
Fertilizer + crabgrass & weed preventer all in one.
Eight Insect Control Garden Dust
Ready to use. Controls over 55 listed insect pests.
Eight Insect Control Spray
Use on vegetables, fruits, flowers, roses, ornamentals, lawns, trees & shrubs.
Multi-purpose fungicide.
Glystar Plus
41% Glyphosate herbicide for vegetation control.
Gypsum- (Supercal So4)- Micro
For greener lawns, gardens, trees and golf courses. Lower the pH in your soil
Lawn Fix
Contains grass seed, fertilizer and shredded coir to fix problem areas.
Lawn Lime (Supercal 98G)
Pelletized limestone for lawns, gardens, trees and golf courses. Raises the pH in your soil.
Lawn Weed & Crabgrass Killer Concentrate for Lawns
Kills lawn weeds plus crabgrass - two products in one
Liquid Deer & Rabbit Repellant
For use on shrubs and gardens
LV-4 (2,4-D)
Broadleaf weed killer for use on lawns, pasture and other areas.
Merit Grub Control
Award Grub & Turf Fertilizer
36# bag. Non-Burning. Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer with 4% Iron.
Organic Corn Gluten Granules
9-0-0 Organic Fertilizer. A natural weed inhibitor.
Organic Top Soil
For gardens, lawns etc.
Peat Moss
Pure Canadien Spagnum Peat Moss for flowers, gardens etc.
Quick Pro Dry Pak
1.5 oz packet. Complete vegetation killer. 1.5 oz. packet per gallon of water.
The fourth major plant nutrient (fertilizer).
Sweet Corn (Ambrosia)
Ambrosia is a Bi Color, 75 day sweet corn.
Sweet Corn (Incredible)
Super-sized yields and exceedingly high germination surpass every other super sweet
Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes
A great way to aid tree and shrub growth.
Price: $2.70
Weed Beater Complete
Kills & prevents broadleaf & grassy weeds.
Weed Beater Killer
Controls a broad range of noxious weeds in lawn, ornamental turf, golf courses, athletic fields.
Weed-N-Feed 22/0/5
Professional turf Fertilizer with broadleaf weed control.