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Annual Ryegrass
Used extensively as a nurse crop in lawn seed mixes.
Creeping Red Fescue
Is in the fine fescues category and has narrow deep green blades.
Deep Shade Lawn Seed
Hendricks Deep Shade has 100% permanent shade tolerant grasses.
Kentucky Bluegrass
Kentucky Bluegrass is the most commonly used seed in lawn seed mixes.
Midwest Best Lawn Seed
Hendricks Midwest Best has 100% permanent grasses specifically established for the Midwest.
Perennial Ryegrass
Perennial Ryegrass seed makes one of the best lower maintenance lawns of the cool season grasses.
Quick & Thick
Hendricks Quick & Thick lawn seed Mix may either be used in shady areas that do not receive alot of sun due to tree/building cover or sunny areas where there is little to no shade.