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Animal Care (Other)


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4 Gram Oreo Krums
Chlortetracycline in pelleted form at 4 grams per pound
AS700 Krums
2 g of Aureomycin and 2 g of Sulfa per pound.
Cattle Safe-Guard 1000
Wormer for swine, horse and beef and dairy cattle.
Dairy and Livestock Insecticidal Aerosol
24 oz. Aerosol can with multiple uses.
Dust Bag Refills
Controls horn flies and lice on dairy and beef cattle.
E-20,000 IU/lb
VITAMIN E 20,000 Contains 20,000 IU Vitamin E per pound.
Tomcat Mouse Glue Boards
2 pk. Captures Mice. Professional strength
Vapona-Pyrethrin Fly Spray
Ready to use liquid insecticide Dairy Cattle Spray.