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Wildlife Food Plot Seed & Supplies


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Buck Forage Oats
Oat variety scientifically developed and tested for use in food plots
Eagle Seeds Big Fellow RR
# 1 biomass producer. Enormous leaf size & bushiness.
Price: $81.50 per 140,000 seed bag.
Eagle Seeds Wildlife Manager's Mix
Exceptional Blend sells out fast.
Price: $90.50 per 140,000 seed bag.
Early Grain Sorghum
Seed used primarily in food plots for pheasants.
Elite Brassica Mix
Late Season Deer Food Plot
Price: $24.00 per 4# bags
Hendricks Clover Mix
Premium Blend of clovers + chickory for deer food plots.
Price: $25.50 for 5#; $92 for 20#.
QDMA Brassica Mix
4# Deer food plot mix-sows 1/2 acre.
Price: $16.00