Birdsfoot Trefoil

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Birdsfoot Trefoil is a semi-erect, non-bloating perennial legume that grows 2-3′ tall.

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  • Characteristics: Birdsfoot Trefoil has fine, upright stems with prolific canary yellow flowers, and deeply branching roots.
  • Establishment: Birdsfoot Trefoil can be planted on a wide variance of soil types with a Ph level of down to 5.5.
  • It is extremely important to insure that trefoil seed is inoculated with the proper strain of birdsfoot trefoil inoculant prior to seeding.
  • Plant early in the spring in a firm, well prepared seed bed.
  • Management: Birdsfoot Trefoil is rather slow to establish, but once it establishes, it competes well with other sod-forming native grasses.
  • Planting Rates. (lbs. per acre.) Stand alone 4-6. In mix 2-4

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