Calf Manna

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The ultimate performance animal feed supplement.



  • 50# bag.
  • The ultimate performance supplement. Calf-Manna is consumed by everything from growing and performance horses to cattle, rabbits, goats, poultry, deer and swine.
    1) High quality proteins=more growth.
    2) Digestible carbohydrates=more energy.
    3) Anise=palatability.
    4) Brewer’s dried yeast=better digestion.

Guaranteed analysis: 25% protein. 1.4% lysine. 0.3% methionine. 3% fat. 3% fiber.
Feeding instructions: Most large animal species: 1/2-1# per day. Other species 1/4-1/2# day. Very small animals such as rabbits & poultry: 1 tablespoon day.

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Weight 50 lbs


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