Gypsum- (Supercal So4)- Micro

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For greener lawns, gardens, trees and golf courses. Lower the pH in your soil



  • 50 lb. bag.
  • Prilled pure gypsum.
  • Prilling allows the product to reach the soil even through dense foilage and requires a minimum of moisture to activate it.
  • SUPERCAL So4 will help correct the symptoms associated with the following:
    Compacted soil. Hard to till. Slow to dry. Poor water penetration. Poor root penetration. Fungus problems.
    Surface crusting. Poor emergence. Poor water penetration.
    High magnesium soil. Fungus problems. Slow to dry. Hard to till. Poor root penetration.
    Sodium alkali soils. Impermeable to water penetration. Dead spots. Poor root growth. Poor microbial activity.

High pH induced iron chlorosis. Yellowing and stunting. Regular application of SUPERCAL So4 will: Supply calcium and sulfur, a vital nutrient. Contains 17% sulfate, which is the most absorbale form of sulfur. Frees nutrients in the soil that made inacessible due to high pH. Increases microbial activity. Promotes residue degradation. Usage rate: For new lawns: 100# per 1000 sq. ft. For established lawns: 40# per 1000 sq. ft.


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Weight 50 lbs


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