Lawn Fix

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Contains grass seed, fertilizer and shredded coir to fix problem areas.



  • 4.5# Easy to use shaker bag.
  • Complete Lawn Fix Expanding Growing Mixture.
  • Add water and mixture and it expands 400%.
  • Sun and shade mix.

X-Seed Complete Lawn Fix contains everything you need to grow a thick and healthy lawn with less work and guaranteed results. Ordinary combination products use paper mulch to cover the seed and can turn hard and crusty. Complete Lawn Fix is made from compressed and shredded coir that expands with water. Coir is composed of organic coconut paricles which have a spongy texture and high water absorption and retention rate.
In addition, Complete Lawn Fix contains a starter fertilizer and Water Smart Crystals to provide the perfect seed bed. Just add water. Covers 400 sq. ft.

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Weight 4 lbs


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