Molasses Block 3 IN 1

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Multi-purpose mineral & vitamin block for cattle & horses.



  • 40# block.
  • Multi-purpose mineral and vitamin block for cattle and horses.
  • Superior to trace mineral salt blocks.
  • Palatable source of high quality minerals and vitamins.
  • Available in easy to handle 40lb. pressed blocks.
  • Weather resistant block can be placed directly in pastures with horses and cattle.

Usage: Feed 1 block per five head of cattle or horses. This allows all animals equal access to blocks. Cattle and horses will consume about 5 oz. per head per day.
Feed as the only FREE CHOICE source of salt, other minerals and vitamins.

Analysis: Calcium: 5% Phosphorous: 4% Salt: 15-18% Vitamin A (Min): 100,000 IU/lb. Vitamin D-3 (Min): 25,000 IU/lb. Vitamin E: (Min): 100 IU/lb.

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Weight 40 lbs


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