Rye Grain

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Rye grain is one of the easiest and most reliable crops to grow.

Rye grain is an excellent cool season cover crop because of it’s ability to withstand harsh winter temperatures and climates.

50 lb bag.


  • It has a rapid germination rate and a root system that has adapted itself to a broad range of different soil compositions.
  • Areas that experience winter erosion control issues may find rye grain as a good choice, as planting it in the fall and working it up during the spring will also add organic matter back into your soil.
  • It will outcompete and control weeds and other undesirable plants.
  • Rye grain should be planted at a maximum soil depth of 1 inch. Seed at the rate of 1-2 bushels per acre.(56-112#.)
  • Excellent as a nurse crop for pasture and waterway mixes.

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