Soy Inoculation- Standard Dry

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Dry bacteria for soybean seeds.


Treat 40 50# bags soybeans (2000#).

The decision on whether or not to inoculate depends on whether the field has a recent history of healthy-looking soybean. Most soils in Iowa have a good population of B. japonicumem if soybean has been grown in recent years. However, if a field is new to soybean, or has been out of soybean for more than three to five years, it is good insurance to inoculate.

Current recommendations for Iowa are to inoculate the seed if:
1) the field has never been planted to soybean
2) soybean have not been grown in the field in the past three to five years
3) the soil pH is below 6.0
4) the soil has a high sand content
5) the field has been flooded for more than a week, creating anaerobic conditions


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