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Sulfur – the fourth major nutrient-is also needed in large amounts by crops



  • Bulk or 50 lb bag.
  • 90% Disintegrating sulfur granules.
  • 90% DISINTEGRATING is a Sulfur-Bentonite combination that degrades readily upon contact with moisture in the soil, which provides a large surface area of sulfur to be oxidized to the sulfate form of sulfur.

SULFUR – The Fourth Major Nutrient. Crops need at least sixteen nutrients for normal growth. Three of these nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, have traditionally been known as the major nutrients. Crops need large amounts of these elements, and fertilizer programs are designed to supply them in adequate amounts. Another nutrient, sulfur, is also needed in large amounts by crops. Many crops contain as much sulfur as phosphorus, and it ranks in importance with nitrogen and phosphorus in the formation of protein. It is an integral component of certain vitamins and enzymes. In short, sulfur is an element without which plant and animal life as we know it would soon cease.


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