Sweet Corn (Ambrosia)

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Ambrosia is a Bi Color, 75 day sweet corn.

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  • Ambrosia has good spring vigor and is a sister variety to Bodacious.
  • Ambrosia has an 8 inch ear and a 16 row corn.
  • Ambrosia is the most popular variety of sweet corn we have ever carried. It is one of the very sweetest homozygous suagry enhancer (se) varieties.
  • Tolerates Stewart’s Wilt. Rated # 1 in 1998 Organic Gardening poll. Establishment: Plant sweet corn in a well prepared seedbed that is warm and moist.

Do not plant too early in cold soil. Sweet corn will not germinate in cold soil. Plant 25,000 kernals per acre. As a rule of thumb, 4 oz. will sow about a 200 ft. row. Plant 1 kernal every 8-9 inches.

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