Zinpro 40

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Nutritional feed additive for livestock and poultry.



  • 55.1# bag. (25 kgs).
  • Zinpro-zinc methionine is a nutritional feed additive for livestock and poultry.
  • It is important in animal nutrition because zinc plays a vital role in enzyme systems.
  • It is essential for proper growth, skeletal soundness, tissue repair, wound healing, sexual maturity, reproductive capacity and the immune response.

Typical Analysis: 4% Zinc, 8% Methionine.

Feeding directions:

Swine & poultry: Add 2 lbs for ton of complete ration. Dairy and beef cattle: Feed 9 grams per head daily or 2 lbs. per 100 head daily.

Sheep: 1 gram per head daily, or 1 lb per 454 head daily. H

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