Iodized Salt

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Livestock iodized salt is the most common of all mineralized salts.

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  • 50# bag. Also available in a 50 lb. block.
  • Its benefits to humans, especially in under-developed countries, are well documented.
  • In the United States, crops grown inland, such as the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, are normally lower in iodine levels. In addition, heat and moisture can break down some iodine compounds thus a constant source of iodine is beneficial. Iodine deficiency affects reproduction primarily as a result of hypothyroidism.
  • Iodine is required for thyroxin production, the major hormone controlling the basal metabolic rate. In females, silent heat, early embryonic mortality, abortion, weak calves retained placenta, and decreased conception rates have been observed with iodine deficiency.
  • Deficient soils or the presence of feed containing goitrogens are the most common factors causing iodine deficiency. Plants such as cabbage, canola, kale, soybean meal or feeds high in nitrates are goitrogenic.
  • Symptoms can include sluggishness, goiters, and sensitivity to heat or cold.

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