Red (1 Year) Clover

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Clover used mostly as a biennial; nutritious and highly palatable.


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  • It makes nutritious and highly palatable hay, pasture, or silage. it can be grown alone or in a mixture with alfalfa, brome, timothy, or orchardgrass.
  • Medium Red is more shade tolerant than alfalfa and persists under wetter and more acidic conditions. Mixed with alfalfa, it provides some insurance against loss due to winterkill.
  • Red clovers are often used in grass mixtures predominantly for cutting. Red clovers are one of the fastest establishing legumes and can even be grown on more acidic soils.
  • The main draw back is limited persistence and winter-hardiness. However, through breeding, improvements have been made on these characteristics.
  • Planting Rates: (Lbs. per acre) Stand alone 10-12 In mix 2-6

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