Pasture/Waterway Mix

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All around seed mix for pastures, waterways, ravines etc.

Ultra Premium Forage Pasture/Waterway mix is a mix that provides low cost livestock feed, improves soil fertility and controls erosion. It is also an excellent choice for ravines and waterways.




  • 50#, 25#, or 5#
  • Seven varieties blended to develop deep roots that will hold structure and prevent soil erosion. Will not cause bloat and can be grazed and/or baled.
  • In ravines or waterways use oats or rye grain for a nurse crop.
  • Mix consists of: 35% Tall Fescue Forage 35% Climax Timothy 10% Orchardgrass 10%  Forage Perennial Ryegrass 5% Spring Green Festulolium 5% Forage Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Use Rate: 25# per acre.
  • 50# bag will sow 2 acres.

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