High Energy Bird Seed for Winter Months

The winter is a great time for casual bird watching with a cup of steaming hot coffee from the comfort of your living room. However, colder winter months mean thinking about changing up the bird seed that you provide for your backyard birds. Covered or frozen ground, lack of insects or spiders, and freezing temperatures leave birds searching for high energy ways to get them through the day. What is the best food solution to this winter dilemma? Provide a variety of high fat and energy foods.


Photo of Elite Wild Bird Seed. Bag of seed is red with birdhouse and cardinal image superimposed on bag material.

Elite Wild Bird Seed at Hendricks Feed & Seed Co., Inc.

Black-Oil Sunflower Seed

This seed attracts the greatest variety of birds, and it is high in nutritious value like fat and protein. Its shell is thin and small, and this makes it easier for smaller birds to eat. This seed is great for you and the birds because of its nutritious value, and it also appeals to a wide variety of birds. This seed can be found at Hendricks Feed & Seed Co., Inc in our Elite Wild Bird Mix or in our Wild Bird Seed, or you can opt to mix your own with our bulk black-oil sunflower seed. This seed should be placed in a tube feeder for best access.


Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a fun and low-cost option for feeding birds in winter. It is high in fat and calories, and it will provide much-needed energy. Additionally, making your own peanut butter balls (with peanut butter and cornmeal) can be a fun activity for those chilly winter afternoons spent with children and grandchildren. This sweet (and messy!) activity is a classic way to introduce them to bird watching. Peanut butter can be placed on a platform feeder or in a bowl or plate in the backyard.


Image of Orange Suet Dough. Image has an orange colored banner with a suet cage, bird, and two orange slices.

Orange Suet Dough at Hendricks Feed & Seed Co., Inc.


Lastly, suet, or beef fat, is a time-tested winter food for birds. While in the summer it may easily spoil, this is not a problem with cold temperatures. Like black-oil sunflower seeds and peanut butter, this a high energy food and has high-fat content. Hendricks Feed has several options for suet including High Energy, Peanut Blend, and Orange Dough. Suet cakes can be placed in an old mesh onion bag or a wire basket. Either option will work well with this tasty treat!


Birdseed changes with the seasons and Hendricks Feed & Seed Co., Inc has the solution to all of your winter bird feed needs.

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